Type 1 t shirt for loud and proud diabetics

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Type 1 diabetes. You're born with it, it's irreversible and it doesn't come about by eating too many Maltesers, having a penchant for chips or not taking the stairs.

My friend Ruth gets exasperated by the stigma of mis-informed opinion and thought it time she made it clear to all which side of the diabetic fence she stands.

Although she has an over friendly immune system that welcomes any old riff-raff into her body and her pancreas is shot to bits - actually she has two - it doesn't stop her plunging into freezing water at the Woman's Pond in Hampstead most mornings - as she did minutes after I took this shot.

These t shirts are cut by hand from flock fabric and hand printed. They are packed inside reusable cotton gift bags and we are happy to write personal messages at no extra cost on V&A cards.

£5 from the sale of each t shirt will go to Diabetes UK.

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