TV cosies

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Another Twisted Twee first. A range of attractive, instructive, motivating TV covers to hide the density of idle television screens.

We've all got one. A vacant black void in the centre of our living space.  It's time to decorate and adorn those lifeless eyes and bring a bit of joy to a dead space.

These TV cosies can be personalised for the family in whose house they will live, with quotes that inspire folk to make the most of their free time and spend it engaged in meaningful, enjoyable, constructive and social pursuits. The typeface will remain like the one in the photos and I'd ask you to keep the message to a few words like 'Carpe Diem' or 'Get Outside!'. 

The cosies are made from repurposed fabric. Second hand wool, cotton, cashmere, denim, whatever fabric looks great (is non-flammable) and beautiful.

The size TV you see in the images is a 28" screen. But I can also make cosies to fit 32", 42" and 48", as well as anything smaller. 

For TV's that have stands, the cosy is like a hood. For TV's that are wall mounted I can do a 'fitted sheet' type affair with elasticated sides that fit over like a shower cap.

I'm afraid it isn't possible to select an exact cosy as I will not be able to predict what fabrics I'll have owning to the recycled nature of this project. But I'm happy for you to list colour preferences. Just leave a message after checkout in the comments box with any instructions.

Making time is about 3 weeks as I have to source the fabric and I sew very slowly! Postage will be tracked next day.

We love to see your photos, so if you decide to upload any images of your TV cosy, please remember to tag us @twistedtwee.