Pint and Half Pint big and little mugs

Pint and Half Pint big and little mugs

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Pint and Half Pint mugs, available separately for £17 or as a set for £30.

Ideal together for folk with varying drinking capacities. A parent and child, a couple celebrating their 20th anniversary (china) or getting their first home together.

The Pint mug miraculously takes exactly a pint and the Half Pint takes precisely a half pint. How satisfying is that!

The Pint mug is of good quality solid, sturdy earthenware and has a lovely thick handle making it a real pleasure to drink from. The dinky Half pint is of delicate bone china.

The logos are printed on both sides of the mugs in French Navy, so they will be visible however you display them. Both mugs have a jolly Twisted Twee stamp printed on their base which says, 'Enjoy your pint'. Both are dishwasher safe.

The Pint mug is 10cm high, by 31.5 cm circumference and 10cm across. The Half Pint is 9cm high by 26.5 circumference.