Dog lovers' pillowcase set for dogs and their owners

Dog lovers' pillowcase set for dogs and their owners

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Please write the names you would like, starting with the one that will appear on the left hand side as thought looking at the pillowcases from the end of the bed

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It is a sad but universal truth of being a dog owner that bed time is spent teetering on a 5cm ledge at the edge of the mattress while doggy starfishes on the remaining 95%.

So these pillowcases divide the bed into the customary and inevitable sections allocated to dog and master.

The design options are as though standing at the end of the bed. So 'me  / the dog' for instance, is how it will appear when looking at the bedhead.

Silk screen printed in the UK with organic ink onto luxury 100% Egyptian cotton pillowcases. We can write gift messages on request.

The cases measure 55cm x 75cm. They are quite large but this is to allow for the slight shrinkage of natural cotton on a first wash.

We'd love to see your photos so if you post any images of these pillowcases please tag us #twistedtwee.