Tale of Twee

Twisted Twee have been designing cheerful pieces of practical lunacy since 2003.

We pride ourselves on creating original, surprising, witty, well-made gifts. The team is made up of a bunch of lovely mum friends working out of a garden shed in Camden, London. Responsible for such marvels as Political Nappy Covers, Vintage IKEA bags, Bad Bunting and PMT Pants

Suzi - High Priestess of Twisted Twee.

The brains behind Twisted Twee. That's why no one can understand quite how we are still going. Her head is like a badly stuffed bin liner. But she has the gumption to surround herself with people who are cleverer than her. Suzi's job is to come up with original products and to devise daft ways to promote them. Her mantra is: 'Be as you as you can be'. She has even put it on some bags. You can get hold of her any time on suzi@twistedtwee.co.uk

Suzanne - Head of Pretty Much Everything

While Suzi flails around in her mind gym Suzanne works bloody hard running the place. She is awesomely efficient, fast, clever and unrivalled on a computer. But ask her to address an envelope & it's a disaster. Her handwriting SUCKS. And her idea of gift wrapping.... For fucks sake. If you need anything, she's the girl to contact on suzanne@twistedtwee.co.uk.

Emma the Foreman.

If there was a bag lying in the middle of the Sahara Desert Emma would trip over it. She can spill coffee from 300 meters and tendrils of sellotape hang from her sleeves like succubi. But she is profoundly good at running the sites we sell with and is a total sweetie to the shops that stock us. She's a talented illustrator, has a great eye, an infectious laugh, and uses lovely words like 'unguents.' You can reach her on emma@twistedtwee.co.uk

Kim and Tanja - Head Printers

Fortunately Kim and Tanja take care of all the packing. They have vast experience in making things look dainty. They do all the printing too. Meticulously. And the sewing. Tanja could knock out a glass bowl for you and Kim could run you up a dress. Between them they are outstandingly equipped in fashion design, typography, glass making, set painting and embroidery. But their spelling is bloody pathetic. Who spells Sophie 'Sohpie'? I ask you. What a pair of dumb arses.

'Georg 'Misery Guts' Thesmann

Co-founder of Twisted Twee. His job is to sprinkle soot on enthusiasm. He is the hole picker. The fault finder. He is employed elsewhere and nobly gives his time as a dampener of spirits for free. He also gives his time as a whizz-bang computer guru and keep us hanging in space on the interweb. His genius in this role facilitates our tolerance of him in the other. Infuriatingly he is never wrong. You wouldn't want to call him, believe me.

Twisted Twee are best known for our Pint & Half Pint Dad and Baby Twinsets and least known for providing Barak Obama with the knickers he wore on his Election Night. (Buy us a drink and we’ll tell you that story.)