Hung Over funny message 'Feet Up' socks

Hung Over funny message 'Feet Up' socks

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If you're giving someone a bottle to celebrate, why not add these socks as a nod to the grimness of the morning after.

They may gain a few minutes peace and sympathy with these hanging off the end of the bed. Feet Up socks come with a gold topper with room to write a message making these a perfect personal gift.

They are printed in fabulous green flock onto dove grey socks with aqua toes and heels.

The socks are 80% cotton - to stop them getting pongy, 18% polyamide - to stop them catching fire easily and 2% elastane - to stop them losing shape.

One flexible, versatile size to fit adult 5-10 feet.

We love seeing your photos, so if you upload images of our socks please tag us #twistedtwee, thanks x