Duffer slogan t shirt for older men

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Duffer is one of a range of t shirts designed to celebrate the rude and disempowering words used to describe older people. 

Duffer suggests a vague old goat with little intellectual elasticity and a mind like a soiled carpet slipper. As my closest companion for 20 years I feel qualified to state that Georg’s mind is as sharp as a blade. Optimistically defeatist, enthusiastically pessimistic, cheerfully crushing. Holds the opinion no one else would dream of touching. 

He’s besotted by the misfortunes of life. The mishaps and misfits. His humour and his cooking is black. He has the unlikeability factor. He does nothing to please, which of course can be very pleasing. 
I thank my stars I found him as he should have been born in about 45 years time. The present just holds him up. He can’t quite get going in this age. Seems he was invented to be tormented. He won’t age mentally because his brain is wired for 2080. 
But we have his heart here. With Betty, with Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, a few enlightened friends, and ice cream.
The most unpredictable man, the truest friend, the greatest computer linguist and the character my character most enjoys being near.


The type is hand weeded using a flock vinyl onto cotton t shirts, which is damn fiddly I can tell you!  We can also do larger size, long arms in some colours and organic sweatshirts for £35.

We are happy to handwrite gift messages onto V&A cards on request.

IMPORTANT I print these t shirts to order as I don't want to hold any stock that isn't being used. As it is a bespoke make, I cannot issue refunds or exchanges if sizes are ordered incorrectly. Please check the chest sizes before placing your order so the garment doesn't go to waste. Many thanks.

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Of course you can buy this t shirt as a new garment, but we also offer the option of up-cycling your existing clothing. Just send us items you already own and let us give them a refresh with this design. We can print onto tops, skirts, trousers  jumpers, leggings and scarves providing they are predominantly cotton and the fabric is fairly smooth. 

The price is the same as for a new garment as it covers the cost of special tracked return postage.

So if you have a much loved but bedraggled fave, why not let our Clothing Hospital rejuvenate it and make it splendid again. Please just email suzi@twistedtwee.co.uk