Pint Dreams funny Pillowcase for beer and ale lovers

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A funny and apt gift for the boozer in your life. 

We all know someone - not ourselves obviously - who can relate to this beer themed pillow case. And we can make it even more 'thoughtful' by adding the sleeper's name to the centre of the head outline. For example, 'MARTIN'S HEAD'. The typeface is Dove Grey and is in capital letters only. This service is an extra £6.00 per pillowcase.

We can write gift messages on request. An original Twisted Twee design.

The pillowcases are made in the UK from 100% luxury organic cotton and silk screened in the good old fashioned way, by hand, in Bath.

The pillowcases measure 55cm x 75cm, whihc may seem a little on the large side, but is necessary as 100% cotton can shrink a tiny bit on the first wash.