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Why not transform a perfectly ordinary jumper into a spectacular statement piece this Christmas. 

Send me your existing clothes - tops, skirts, ties, scarves, trousers or dresses and I will print them up with any declaration you like - either one that I've suggested here or your own wording.

I will design, hand cut and hand print your message and get it back to you in plenty of time for the office party, the arrival of the relatives or that interminable carol service. 

Prints are made from flock or metallic fabric.  Price includes tracked UK deliver to return your item.  Please purchase the service, and then get in touch with me on to discuss what you would like. And please ask any questions.

Some other suggestions are:

Same old same old. 

This is costing a fortune.


Life Ain't No Party

We love to see your photos, so if you have a jumper made and share a picture of it, please remember to tag us @twistedwee, thanks.