Hag range

Hag range

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A series of pejorative words to describe older women that I'm reclaiming to be empowering. As a 53 year old I love these words. I love wearing them and owning them.

Many fierce seniors have found the liberation of flaunting insulting words and over on insta you can peruse those who have received the giddy accolade of 'Hag of the Day' @twistedtwee.

We sell these agist emblems on t shirts, but can also print them onto your own clothes so they can blend with your personal mode and better reflect your groove. Jumpers, dresses, ties, trousers, coats, hats, even fabric boots for heaven sake.

The price of renovating includes Special Delivery tracked UK postage of your parcel back to you. Place the order and then send your garment to me at the address below. I will lease with you to get the colours, style and message spot on before creating the artwork.

Other words in the Hag range include Bint, Crone, Matron, Bag, Biddy, Harridan, Fish Wife, Batty, Invisible, Battle Axe. Witch, Frump, Dragon, Cantankerous, Mutton, Spinster and Chopped Liver.  We also help men overcome the humiliation of being an Old Boy, Git, Duffer, Fogey, Fuddy Duddy or Codger. 

This service is part of our Clothing Hospital. A drive to resuscitate and re-love the clothes we already have and resurrect them into totally unique, relevant, enjoyable and creative masterpieces. Contact me with any queries or to discuss options at suzi@twistedtwee.co.uk or on 07939257409.  My address is: Twisted Twee, 156a Agar Grove, Camden, London, NW1 9TY.