Human Billboard

Human Billboard

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If you've got something to say....

Turn an existing piece of clothing into a poster canvas. Do you have a catch phrase, a slogan or mantra that needs expressing? Something you want to get off your chest and onto your...chest.  Politics, philosophy, or the word that got you the highest score in Scrabble. I can emblazon it on dresses, ties, trousers, coats, hats, even fabric boots for heaven sake.

The price of renovating includes Special Delivery tracked UK postage of your parcel back to you. (For more elaborate designs that cover a large area I will have to charge a bit more.)   I will lease with you to get the colours, style and message spot on before creating the artwork. Once you are happy you can place the order and send your garment to me at the address below. 

This service is part of our Clothing Hospital. A drive to resuscitate and re-love the clothes we already have and resurrect them into totally unique, relevant, enjoyable and creative masterpieces. Contact me with any queries or to discuss options at or on 07939257409.  My address is: Twisted Twee, 156a Agar Grove, Camden, London, NW1 9TY.