The ShittyGift Father Day collection

The ShittyGift Father Day collection

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A thoughtful medley of indigestible cakes, carefully concocted to be authentically terrible so your children can convincingly pass them off as their own work.

In this Fathers Day batch we have the burnt cake, the raw cake, the powdery cake and gluey cake. They come carefully balled up in bog roll and household twine.

We carefully insert small body parts from tiny toys within the cakes to bolster the illusion that they are made by real children. This makes them convincing but bloody dangerous to eat, so we strongly recommend you find a way to stop dad eating one and for god sake don't fed them to any pets.

For a finishing flourish each cake comes with a hand made card stamped with you child's hand print. As we don't have your child, we use the paw of a toy hedgehog.  Technically it only has three 'fingers' but we doubt dad will notice much.


So that we cannot be accused of taking money away from the multinationals with this idea at an important gifting time of year, we pledge that for every ShittyGift we sell we'll donate £1 to support Google.

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