The best is yet to come t shirt

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How much has Captain Tom raised so far? 25m and counting....? The thing I love most about this story is that he may be doing his best work towards the very end of his life.

War medals and motorcycle racing trophies aside, I doubt he suspected that at 99 he'd be hailed as one of the main icons of a global pandemic lockdown. 

I've always said I want to peak at 80. Yet I feel we've been trained somehow to think our middle years are the most productive and that once we reach a certain age we should slip into a gracefully passive state and become sweetly irrelevant. But while we can breath and think we can grow, prosper and as in Captain Tom's case influence millions from our back garden. 

I felt inspired to design this top as I fizz with glee at the thought that 99 is a great age to start a new venture. Who knows where this will lead him or who he'll get to meet now.

The design is hand printed in London using flock fabric onto organic cotton t shirts. £5 goes to Tom’s Just Giving page x