Bint slogan ladies t shirt for outstanding old women

Bint slogan ladies t shirt for outstanding old women

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For ladies old enough to embrace the horrors of menopausal upheaval with mirth and tenacity. This joyous, optimistic design is printed by hand onto 100% cotton t shirts.

Modelled by Christa Davis - an intimidatingly talented clothes designer whose reputation has glowed over three decades and who has earnt the right to spend all day ever day doing absolutely what she loves. She is a woman who faces outwards and uses every opportunity to help, advise and champion those around her. And so she grows and grows with age. She may only take up a few square foot of space in the world, but her influence is boundless. 

We are also able to print onto your own clothing. Tops, jumpers even lightweight coats! So if you have a much loved but bedraggled fave, why not let our Clothing Hospital rejuvenate it and make it splendid again. Please just email

The t shirts are packed for free in a reusable canvas gift bag and we are happy to hand write messages on V&A cards at no extra charge. 

We love to see your photos so if you upload an image of this t shirt pleas remember to tag us @twistedtwee and hashtag #oldgirlpower and #happyhag, thanks.