Fuddy Duddy t shirt for older men

Fuddy Duddy t shirt for older men

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Fuddy Duddy is one of a range of t shirts designed to celebrate the rude and disempowering words used to describe older people.

 It is modelled by Dan. An open minded, big hearted fellow with a wicked enjoyment for the circus of life, the macabre and the oddness of bygone rituals. A writer of strange fictions and a weaver of forgotten tales. He loves the stuff that goes on under the bonnet of the world. Noses around below the crust. So mischievous and old worldly wise. Complains about nothing and tries anything. Brain the size of an air balloon. Easy to get in with him and take off. 

The type for this design is hand weeded using a flock vinyl onto cotton t shirts. We are happy to offer other coloured tops if you're more moody, and have grey and black on hand at all times. We can also do larger size, long arms in some colours and organic sweatshirts for £35.

We are also able to print onto your own clothing. Tops, jumpers even lightweight coats! So if you have a much loved but bedraggled fave, why not let our Clothing Hospital rejuvenate it and make it splendid again. Please just email suzi@twistedtwee.co.uk.

Packed for free in a bijou cotton gift bag and we are happy to handwrite gift messages onto V&A cards on request.

We love to see you photos, so if you upload any images of this t shirt, please remember to tag us @twistedtwee and use tags #oldgirlpower and #happyhags