Pint & Half Pint t shirt set for dad and son/ daughter in navy / grey

Pint & Half Pint t shirt set for dad and son/ daughter in navy / grey

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Perfect pub wear for a new or experienced dad who finds the pub a more suitable environment for childcare than the local jamboree class. (Grandads have been known to share this wisdom too.)

Great fun and schmaltz free. Given often by the infant to it's daddy on a special occasion. 

Our twinsets have won Hero Product of the Year award and have been our best seller since 2002. They are worn by many celebrities including Benedict Cumberbatch and at the other end of the scale, bad boy Vincent on EastEnders!

You're pretty much guaranteed a free pint with this one gentlemen!

We will happily write gift messages on request at no extra charge to make this a perfect, personal present.

The Pint and Half Pint logos are screen printed using organic ink onto beautifully soft, luxury organic cotton t shirts. We spent a great deal of time finding the UK's most ethical printers to produce for us prints of the highest quality that won't peel, fade, crack, flake or misbehave in any way. These prints will last and last and withstand years of washes. We regularly receive orders for single Half Pint t shirts from customers who's children have grown out of their tops. But the dad's Pint t shirt is still going strong after a year or two and the colours still match.

Child's t shirts are lapped necked until 12-24m after which they become round necked for older sizes.

We love to see your photos so if you upload any images of this twinset please tag us #twistedtwee, thank you.