keep me close - secret pocket pillowcase

keep me close - secret pocket pillowcase

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These plain Egyptian cotton pillowcases have a pocket on the back so that the sleeper can keep personal items close to them. This might be for sentimental attachment like photos, letters or drawings, or perhaps precious jewellery or keys. Note books for when inspiration strikes in the small hours, a diary, or a keepsake from someone you'd like to dream about.

In these days when many loved ones are separated, or having to go into hospital there seems a need to bind ourselves to each other with tokens and treasures. 

I made the first of these for a friend who had to go into hospital and I filed it with a letter and some photos which I knew would make her laugh. She said that knowing I was with her in the small hours, so close to her head gave her strength and stopped her fears getting the better of her. I've had people buy them for their children when they go off to college, for friends if they move abroad or for grandparents from their grandchildren.

There is only one of each pocket as I made them from off-cuts of fabric. Double stitched and super. The pillowcase measures 55cm x 75cm. (Please note, these pockets are on the underside of the pillowcase, so please don't try sleeping with your head on it.)

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