Not in Service secret message 'Feet Up' socks

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To reward a job well done, or as a dig to the terminally lazy, these sofa socks are a great little gift to encourage down time.

They are attached to a gold gift-topper with space for a personal message.

The print has a bit of lycra in it so can stretch without cracking or peeling. The socks are a lovely dove grey with aqua coloured toes and heels to add some swazz. 

The type on the socks is black.

80% cotton - to stop them getting pongy, 18% polyamide - to stop them catching fire easily and 2% elastane - to stop them losing shape.

One flexible, versatile size to fit adult 5-10 feet.

We love seeing your photos, so if you upload images of our socks please tag us #twistedtwee, thanks x