Pillow Fight combat pillowcase set

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Why sleep when you can fight?

If you know anyone who enjoys the exquisite art of blindly thumping someone with a stuffed pillow, this is for them. These cases can be used to solve disputes between rivalrous siblings or for the enjoyment of couples who still find each other attractive enough to want to tussle with them!  Ideal for twins, siblings, flatmates and couples celebrating their cotton second anniversary.

The Line in the bottom right of the case reads; Why Sleep When you can Fight.'

These cases can be personalised with a name on each one, which is printed just above the word 'Fighter'. This service is an extra 6.00

Gift messages can be written for free on request.

The cases measure 55cm x 75cm. They are quite large but this is to allow for the slight shrinkage of natural cotton on a first wash.

We'd love to see your photos so if you post any images of these pillowcases please tag us #twistedtwee.