Battle Axe slogan ladies t shirt for tenacious older women

Battle Axe slogan ladies t shirt for tenacious older women

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Dictionary definition of Battle Axe  - a term used to describe an older woman with a strong and determine attitude. 

Strong and determined. So 'Battle Axe' is the best word we have to describe an older women with a firm will and personal conviction. Hmmm....

Which is why I asked my friend Anna to model it. Because Anna's strength of character is like sun blasting on your face, She has lived, exhibited and blazed in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Australia and London. Bursting with tales and busting with knowledge she has an angle or an insight which forces you to think more, rethink or unthink. She is an educator and enabler, (as well as a first rate painter), starting fires in other people's brains with her fierce wisdom and supportive challenging. She's guided me on course when I've been lost and off course when I've been pedestrian. She's a clever sod with powerful self belief and an unstinting driving force for those lucky enough to know her.  A beautiful beaming Battle Axe who, like all good strong people, knows when to tread lightly. 

Battle Axe is hand printed using pink flock onto pale pink cotton t shirts. We are happy to offer other coloured tops if you're more moody, and have grey and black ones on hand at all times. We can also do long sleeves. 

We are also able to print onto your own clothing. Tops, jumpers even lightweight coats! So if you have a much loved but bedraggled fave, why not let our Clothing Hospital rejouvinate it and make it splendid again. Please just email

Packed for free in a cotton gift bag, we are happy to hand write messages on V&A gift cards at no extra cost.

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