'Biddy' slogan ladies t shirt for formidable older women

'Biddy' slogan ladies t shirt for formidable older women

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For those of us who wish to reclaim the insulting words used to describe women over a curtain age, this is a range of playful Hag Wear which celebrates Cronedom and mock the jargon that projects shame and worthlessness on female seniority.

Biddy is modelled by my mighty friend Eloise. Put simply, she heals people. As a neuro-physiotherapist of 30 years. As an instructor on nutrition and exercise. As the kindest friend in the world.
Eloise may tell you her greatest achievements are athletic. She's a  triathlon(ist?) and powerful cyclist whose in the top 1% of Strava. But her real strengths are hidden underneath all her...strength. For someone who fixes other people's limbs it's fitting that she doesn't have a bad bone in her body.  And that as competitor who is so used to winning, she always puts herself second. 
Eloise has helped heal my knee, my posture, and far less tangible things by sending songs and home-made fudge. She lives a really happy life. Balanced and purposeful with clear and pleasurable goals.  She pushes herself without an ounce of self-criticism and isn't afraid of her own immense potential. She's Fast. To move, react, and help. A lioness of Biddys. Love her to bits. x
Biddy is hand printed onto 100% cotton t shirts. We can do larger sizes, long sleeves and sweatshirts. We are happy to hand write messages on V&A gift cards at no extra cost.

IMPORTANT I print these t shirts to order as I don't want to hold any stock that isn't being used. As it is a bespoke make, I cannot issue refunds or exchanges if sizes are ordered incorrectly. Here is a chest size guide which I'd urge you to check before placing your order so the garment doesn't go to waste. Many thanks.

UK size 10 (small) = 30 inch chest

UK size 12 (medium) = 33 inch chest

UK size 14 (large) = 35 inch chest

UK size 14 (XL) = 37 inch chest

UK size 16 (XXL ) = 39 inch chest

larger and smaller sizes are available on request.

We love to see your photos so if you upload images of this t shirt please tag us @twistedtwee and hashtag #oldgirlpower and #happyhag.


Of course you can buy this t shirt as a new garment, but we also offer the option of up-cycling your existing clothing. Just send us items you already own and let us give them a refresh with this design. We can print onto tops, skirts, trousers  jumpers, leggings and scarves providing they are predominantly cotton and the fabric is fairly smooth.

The price is the same as for a new garment as it covers the cost of special tracked return postage.

So if you have a much loved but bedraggled fave, why not let our Clothing Hospital rejuvenate it and make it splendid again. Please just email suzi@twistedtwee.co.uk