Child's Half Pint organic t shirt in khaki and coffee

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The original Half Pint image as created by Her Majesties Weights and Measures. As the originators of this design back in 2002, we have sold over 140,00 organic half pints and as far as we know they are all still going strong! Certainly when we meet our customers at beer festivals they tell us that child 3 or 4 is now wearing the one they bought years ago and it still looks great.

That's because we use the best organic cotton and have the logo silk screen printed by the UK's only organic printers. So the ink doesn't fade, crack, peel, break up or misbehave in any way. 

The style of the youngest t shirts is lap necked which changes at 12-24m for round neck. 

We are happy to write personal messages on request onto V&A gift cards at no extra charge. 

We love to see your photos, so if you upload any images of these t shirts please remember to tag us #twistedtwee, thank you.