Easter Eggs dream bubble Headcase Pillowcase

Easter Eggs dream bubble Headcase Pillowcase

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All the joy of chocolate with none of the sugar consumption. 

A nice tradition to get this pillowcase out and on the pillow the week before Easter every year.

This case can be personalised with the name of the eater ... sorry, sleeper within the dotted head outline for an extra £6.00. For example 'SHYAMA'S HEAD'. The type will be in grey capitals, and the word 'HEAD' will be added automatically unless we are told not to.

We can write gift messages on request. 

Size: 50cm x 75cm, which may seem a little on the large side but this is to account for any shrinkage that occurs when washing 100% natural cotton cases.

Please tag any images you post of this pillowcase to #twistedtwee