funny old face mask  - a corona souvenir

funny old face mask - a corona souvenir

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If we're going to wear these damn things let's do it will a little mirth and style and take it as an opportunity to give someone else a giggle.

I can print pretty much anything you like providing it's not too many words. Just write it in the message box after placing the order.

Now, I'm not a great sewer, so bare with. In an ideal world I'd get these made in advance and just do the printy bit. But in the spirit of being resourceful and self sufficient, I'll do them myself from the material I've got in my house. That means that no two will be the same. If you are wedded to a particular colour, let me know, otherwise it's slightly pot luck, but if you like vintage fabrics and loud colours, you'll get something in the right ball part.

I should point out that these are not medical grade. They have been designed for fun and although nicely made and wearable, will not prevent C19.

Please share any images you take of this to @twistedtwee on IG and we'll get a gallery going.