Rishi Sunak funny hot water bottle cover.

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We all love a guy with a sense of humour. Who needs a winter fuel allowance when you've got Dishi Rishi to keep you warm.

You could travel the world for many years and never find anything else remotely like this. Quite a conversation starter and a gift that won't be easily forgotten.

The cold nights are here and what better way to save the planet than warming yourself with Jeremy Corbyn? Or heat up the long winter evenings by snuggling up to a steaming hot Nigel Farage? Or a positively porcine Boris Johnson? We have a range of politicians to choose from, so pick yer fave.

The cover is made from soft fluffy fleece in a range of colours, and the prints contain a little Lycra for stretchiness - helpful for when you have to jam the bottle into the cover.

Hot water bottles are provided for an extra £8. The cover measures 21cm wide and 34cm high and the optional bottle has a 2 litre capacity.

IMPORTANT I print these bottle covers to order as I don't want to hold any stock that isn't being used. As it is a bespoke make, I cannot issue refunds or exchanges.