The Shitty Gift collection for Mothers Day.

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Shitty Gift is a service for those people who are too busy to spend time making thoughtful, pertinent home-made gifts for their loved ones. It's ingenuity rests on our ability to create presents of such low quality that they convincingly reflect your or your childrens' pitiful abilities.

And as mum's are grateful for any old tut, we can keep prices low and simply reuse items we've already created for other occasions.

Fathers Christmas can look like mum with the simple addition of a cut out head - any head will do as mum has no idea what she looks like any more.

The Shit Knit we created for grandparents last year as a mobile phone cover can be cunningly converted into an ugly bracelet that mum will never want to take off. 

And a manky, snotty tissue makes a lovely blooming flower when you jab a fondue stick into it.

We love to see your photos, so if you upload images of ShittyGIft, please remember to tag us @twistedtwee, thanks