Twister Dress

Twister Dress

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This dress was part of a collection called 'There's Fun To Be Had'. Made for a gallery exhibition entitled The Joy of Spring. 

For me, (as an old child), spring is a return to playing outside in the yard or on the pavement and scribbling down pitches and games with chalk to hop or monkey about on.

And Twister always got us collapsing in a heap braying like donkeys.

This dress is a tribute to collapsing in a heap.

It is made from fabric circles outlined with thick stitched wool. It took 7 episodes of The Apprentice back to back to do! Not surprisingly, this is a complete one-off piece.

Size-wise, it's a generous UK 12. I wore this dress plain for years over a jumper and it swishes around nicely.  

I'm afraid that due to the bespoke nature of this product, refunds or returns are not possible. The cost of the jumper includes tracked next day delivery within the UK.